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    Product Details - Silagra
silagra Price : $1.76 Strength : 100 mg
Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate Brand Name : Viagra
Delivery Time : 6 - 12 Days Shipping : Worldwide
Top Quality
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  Tablets   Strength   Price Unit Price   Price Unit Price PRICE GUARANTEE
  8 pill   100 mg   $49.00 $6.13   $44.00 $5.50
  16 pill   100 mg   $85.00 $5.31   $77.00 $4.81
  32 pill   100 mg   $155.00 $4.84   $140.00 $4.38
  48 pill   100 mg   $209.00 $4.35   $188.00 $3.92
  64 pill   100 mg   $249.00 $3.89   $224.00 $3.50
  96 pill   100 mg   $339.00 $3.53   $305.00 $3.18
  128 pill   100 mg   $419.00 $3.27   $377.00 $2.95
  160 pill   100 mg   $489.00 $3.06   $440.00 $2.75
  224 pill   100 mg   $619.00 $2.76   $557.00 $2.49
  352 pill   100 mg   $849.00 $2.41   $764.00 $2.17
  512 pill   100 mg   $999.00 $1.95   $899.00 $1.76
Silagra is considered the best known medication for dealing with erectile issues. Silagra is a product of Cipla, a well known company worldwide for its effective medications. Silagra also contain the same ingredient that is Sildenafil Citrate. Silagra treats impotence in a better way if you compare with any other forms of Generic Viagra. Silagra is a medication which is invented as a treatment for male impotency or Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction occurs mainly due to the insufficient supply of blood to the male sexual organ. Silagra starts working within 40 minutes and its effects last long for more than 5 hrs time enabling the victim to complete the course of coitus. Silagra is a drug that provides full satisfaction to men when he is in a mood of making love. Silagra comes in different dosages of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. Silagra is available in the form of tablets. This Drug has helped many men around the world, who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction to get erection and lead good and healthy sex life. Silagra will be a helping drug for man for many years to come. Now a day’s Silagra has made a mark in generic world for satisfaction of man who is suffering for ED.  
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