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    Product Details - Generic Viagra
generic viagra Price : $0.70 Strength : 100 mg
Generic Name : Sildenafil Citrate Brand Name : Viagra
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generic viagra
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  50 + 30   100 mg   $100.00 $2.00   $85.00 $1.70
  70 + 40   100 mg   $126.00 $1.80   $105.00 $1.50
  100 + 50   100 mg   $150.00 $1.50   $130.00 $1.30
  120 + 60   100 mg   $168.00 $1.40   $144.00 $1.20
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  200 + 100   100 mg   $240.00 $1.20   $200.00 $1.00
  300 + 150   100 mg   $330.00 $1.10   $270.00 $0.90
  500 + 250   100 mg   $450.00 $0.90   $400.00 $0.80
Generic Viagra is so far the best known oral medication for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and its complications. Generic Viagra is same as the branded version of the drug "Viagra" and the only difference being the name. The base component is same .i.e. Sildenafil Citrate in both the Generic version and the branded version. Generic Viagra is the most safest and effective treatment for male erectile dysfunction. The mechanism of the drug is very simple, it basically targets the enzyme called as the PDE-5 which is responsible for the occurrence of ED in men. The drug needs to be consumed before 45-50 minutes of the desired sexual activity and when it gets dissolved in the blood, it augments the blood blow to the male penile region and by contraction of the veins in the penis, the blood stays in the penis of for a longer duration of time thereby leading to a very healthy erection. The effect of the drug can last even up to 6-8 hours depending upon patient to patient. Most importantly Generic Viagra will prove effective only of the male is sexually stimulated and the drug should not be used for any other condition apart from ED or as suggested by your physician.  
Generic Viagra is very clearly intended to treat male erectile dysfunction only and should not be used for any other symptoms. Most importantly, it should be taken under your doctor's advice or against a prescription. Though the clinical studies confirm that Generic Viagra is very much safe in all group of men suffering from ED but certain precautions need to be taken if the patient is already under some existing medicine to treat any other prevailing health issues. Patient consuming medicines containing nitrates should take special precautions as the drug is known to react with nitrates and can lower the patient blood pressure or can even lead to coma.

Generic Viagra should not be taken with alcohol as it can delay or lower the effect of the medicine on the body. Men who have an existing heart related ailment should consume this medicine only after consultation with their doctors and we strictly advice our patients to use this drug only if prescribed by your doctor.

Generic Viagra is available in three dosages i.e. 25mg, 50mg & 100mg but it is the 100mg which is mostly prescribed by doctors. The doctor knows the requirement of the patient and prescribes the necessary dosage according to the requirement of the patient.

The drug needs to be consumed before 45-50 minutes before the desired sexual activity as the drug takes some time to get absorbed by the body.

Only 1 pill needs to be consumed in 24 hours and multiple dosages should not be taken within 24 hours as it may lead to certain complications

Though Generic Viagra is relatively very safe in all group of men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction but certain men may get certain side effects like • Mild headache
• Blurred Vision
• Dyspepsia
• Upset stomach
Though these kind of side effects are quite common with this class of drug but they are realtively mild and fade out within a couple of hours.
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